Who we are

The Inspiring Leaders Network is a fast growing, innovative organisation which supports people to think differently, work collaboratively, increase diversity, build stronger relationships and to flourish and thrive.
The Inspiring Leaders Network understands the challenges facing Health and Social Care today, to change and adapt to new ways of working, to think differently and to value and work more collaboratively with its biggest assets, the people who work within it.

To survive, become sustainable and to innovate, leaders are faced with the some of the biggest challenges to date, but also the biggest opportunities. The Inspiring Leaders Network strongly believes in providing leadership that makes the difference. We believe in inclusion, diversity and values at the heart of all we do.

It is widely acknowledged that Health and Social Care faces unprecedented challenges for the foreseeable future. It goes without saying that if the sectors are facing these challenges, then so are its greatest assets, its people. With seemingly constant adjustments and the need for a different style of leadership, one that is empowering, inclusive and flexible, people will need support in and the right skill set to step up to the unprecedented challenges.

Our background

The Inspiring Leaders Network was initially founded to create additional learning and development opportunities for people and organisations across the health and social care sector. Motivated by personal positive experience, we wanted to create opportunities for people to grow their networks and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the different needs, challenges and opportunities that exist for different contributors to the system. The Inspiring Leaders Network has grown to become a unique provider of pioneering leadership and development opportunities driven by a passion for diverse and inclusive leadership that extends beyond the walls of the NHS.