At The Inspiring Leaders Network (ILN), we know that having access to a coach can have a profound benefit on your personal and professional growth. Coaching can support the delivery of benefits to both individuals and organisations.

Building a meaningful relationship with a coach can support individuals in managing relationships, performance, wellbeing and resilience, amongst other things.

The ILN are committed to supporting our members with a database of approved coaches who specialise in working with clients at both senior management and executive levels and across health and social care and to support them to achieve their ambitions and goals.

Kirstie Stott

Kirstie Stott - ILN Director and Coach

Kirstie Stott is an Executive Coach and NLP practitioner with significant leadership experiences underpinning her practice. She is a successful entrepreneur who worked in the NHS for 18 years prior to establishing the ILN.

Kirstie now works as a successful coach across multiple public sector organisations including her much-loved NHS. She coaches senior leaders, executive directors and those that aspire to reach senior positions including director level. She specialises in working with people who wish to develop their career to influence at senior levels in organisations.

Although an ‘all-rounder’ coach ready to challenge and support anyone, Kirstie does have an interest in facilitating women leaders, working with them to unlock and utilise their full potential in a world that can still quietly work against them. Kirstie is herself a proud mum of two boys and focused her MSc thesis on Women Leaders in the NHS. With this, she has an acute recognition of the additional challenges that being a working parent/mum can bring.

She believes that everyone has the potential to succeed and that coaching provides the space and time to think, explore and challenge our own assumptions and beliefs, which may be holding us back.

Working lives are often complex and challenging, formed through a multitude of relationships and impacted by politics and organisational culture. Setting personal goals and aspirations through the coaching process is a constructive way of moving forward in life and work.

Kirstie believes that we all have the capacity to change our behaviours and that coaching provides a catalyst to new approaches, and also increases resilience and enables goals to be more easily achieved.

Kirstie has been described by others as an authentic and value-driven coach, with the ability to build rapport, be supportive and make her clients feel comfortable when exploring what is often enviably uncomfortable. She can still be direct and challenging when necessary to stretch her clients thinking and personal awareness. Her courageous conversations and tenacity encourage individual growth, self-awareness, personal insights and lead to people being more comfortable in testing a range of leadership behaviours.

Kirstie looks forward to working with you and supporting you in your growth and development.


“Kirstie has enabled me to better understand my career intentions and motivations and has enabled me to make some difficult decisions about the future. Her style of relaxed informality with supportive challenge has made it easy to be open and trusting in the coaching relationship and meant that we could explore complex themes early on during our time together. I would highly recommend her as a coach.” Clinical Director, Acute Medicine

“I have been working with Kirstie since summer 2017 and I have now had several coaching sessions. Having been put into contact with Kirstie through a work colleague it took no time at all to feel comfortable in discussing often sensitive and challenging issues which I think is essential in a coaching relationship.”

“The sessions themselves have had structure and included a good deal of challenge, often helping me to see beneath the outer layer of an issue and really start to consider some of my values, thoughts and behaviours. It is fair to say Kirstie shows persistence and endeavour in her approach to ensure I get the most out of our sessions, which I always appreciate and this has been helpfully moulded into tangible actions for me to take away. I have always felt very well listened too and empathy and understanding has always been evident. Where appropriate Kirstie has also played in some of her own experiences to help illustrate and bring an idea to life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kirstie as a coach to others.” Executive Director of Finance