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Inspiring Leaders Network

What we do

The Inspiring Leaders Network is a fast-growing, innovative organisation which supports people to think differently, work collaboratively, increase diversity, build stronger relationships and to flourish and thrive.

The Inspiring Leaders Network understands the challenges facing Health and Social Care today, to change and adapt to new ways of working, to think differently and to value and work more collaboratively with its biggest assets, the people who work within it.

To survive, become sustainable and to innovate, leaders are faced with some of the biggest challenges to date, but also the biggest opportunities. The Inspiring Leaders Network strongly believes in providing leadership that makes the difference. We believe in inclusion, diversity and values at the heart of all we do.

It is widely acknowledged that Health and Social Care faces unprecedented challenges for the foreseeable future. It goes without saying that if the sectors are facing these challenges, then so are its greatest assets, its people. With seemingly constant adjustments and the need for a different style of leadership, one that is empowering, inclusive and flexible, people will need support in and the right skill set to step up to the unprecedented challenges.

Our background

The Inspiring Leaders Network was initially founded to create additional learning and development opportunities for people and organisations across the health and social care sector. Motivated by personal positive experience, we wanted to create opportunities for people to grow their networks and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the different needs, challenges and opportunities that exist for different contributors to the system. The Inspiring Leaders Network has grown to become a unique provider of pioneering leadership and development opportunities driven by a passion for diverse and inclusive leadership that extends beyond the walls of the NHS.



Our Vision

'That all UK health and care environments have diverse and inclusive leaders that are equipped to handle the inevitable pressures and dilemmas of contemporary health and care settings, yet are able to do so with strength of conviction, compassion and honesty'.

Our Mission

To engage, design, develop, collaborate and market disruptive and innovative programmes of work to encourage and support leaders to value diversity and inclusion, grow their leadership skills, behaviors and networks; to enhance their ability, nurture their talent and enable the effective application of leadership skills and abilities across the health and care landscape.

Value Statement

We aim to do this through providing efficient cost effective high quality interventions that ensure the highest possible development opportunities, that in turn go on to ensure the very best systems and relationships are in place for patients, service users and the wider community.

We ensure our programmes are tailored to local need, and aim to enhance ability, nurture talent and enable the application of skills in the most efficient manner to ensure the highest possible care for our patients and those we serve.

This ambition is underpinned by our values and belief in supporting the enhancement of diverse and inclusive leadership in driving lasting and exceptional care systems.

We work to three key principles in the development of leaders:

  • Perceptive – Leaders who are well informed, knowledgeable and have flexibility of thought
  • Proactive – Leaders whose behaviors are visibly congruent with their values have impact and achieve results.
  • Protective – Of their own health and wellbeing, their integrity and their own diversity

Our core business principles and philosophy

  • To provide new opportunities
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Enabling the opportunities of diversity
  • Enabling new ways of thinking and working
  • Generating new conversations

Our philosophy is that ‘people are at the core purpose of what we do’. By appreciating and embracing diversity we can authentically be more humanistic, and work more effectively in collaboration to challenge, innovate and provide high quality, compassionate care.

Our Core Values




Valuing Difference




Shadow Board

The Shadow Board Programme aims to support organisations to develop and establish a ‘Shadow Board’, which will meet separately from the Executive Board and provide assurance, corporate governance, and support talent management strategies, through succession planning.

Moving Forward in Leadership (Transition Programme)

The ILN Moving Forward in Leadership Programme, is aimed at clinical leaders who are making the transition from clinical practice to managerial roles.

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring is an opportunity for organisations to hear the voices at all levels and to really start to access a rich diversity of thinking to make positive changes.