Flexible and agile working is not marginal to organisational performance, it’s a cultural essential

Cover of flexible working report

We have published a report into flexible and agile working, based on the largest survey of healthcare staff undertaken on the topic.

There is a global workforce crisis in healthcare. With not enough staff to meet rising demand, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate that by 2030 there will be a global shortage in healthcare of 18 million workers.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the biggest issue facing the NHS is workforce; staff recruitment, retention, training and support. We not only need to attract more people to work in health we also need a new and more radical approach to people management, with flexible and agile working a core element of this.

Working with Yorkshire and The Humber Leadership Academy, we surveyed more than 800 healthcare professionals across the UK, and the findings make for both interesting and challenging reading.

Download and read the flexible working report here: