The ILN offers a range of programmes to support progressive visionary organisations with engagement, development and cultural awareness. Leaders need to adopt the right behaviours to build alliances with a wide range of professionals across organisations. Meeting the needs of the diverse communities they serve with enduringly complex needs will be paramount. The success of the health service over the next decade or so will rely heavily on the behaviours adopted by healthcare leaders at all levels being able to work with leaders in other parts of the public and private system.

Kirstie Stott and Dean Royles of the ILN

Shadow board

The Shadow Board Programme is a leadership development programme for aspirant board members and senior managers in health and social care, offering both experiential and modular learning which equips participants with the right level of knowledge and understanding of working at board level.

Moving Forward in Leadership (Transition Programme)

The Moving Forward in Leadership Programme is aimed at clinical leaders who are making the transition from clinical practice to managerial roles.

Reverse mentoring

Reverse mentoring is an opportunity for organisations to hear the voices at all levels and to really start to access a rich diversity of thinking to make positive changes.