Moving Forward in Leadership (Transition Programme)

What is it?

We know at the ILN that making a transition from clinical practice to a managerial role with increased business focus can often be challenging. We know and understand that being a clinician is part of who a person is, it can be a challenge to let go of the work that makes us who we are, and how we define ourselves as a ‘clinician’, or ‘therapist’ etc. However, as leaders it’s important that we are able to hold on to that value based definition of ourselves and what drives us to do a great job. We also need to let go of the some of the things we have always done, in order to learn new skills and develop and grow into our future selves.

The ILN Moving Forward in Leadership Programme, is aimed at clinical leaders who are making the transition from clinical practice to managerial roles.


“Despite being a consultant for over 5 years with an interest in clinical leadership the clinical leads transition programme identified and filled gaping holes in my knowledge. The programme was just what I needed in order to give me the confidence to step up to being the clinical lead for my department, and the tools to do the job much more effectively . Not only did I gain locally relevant knowledge but I had the opportunity to reflect on my own practice and leadership style as well as strengthen networks with other current and future clinical leads in the trust, which have been both of practical use and of benefit in terms of providing support to each other in our challenging roles.”




Delivery Model

Our model is a 5-day programme, which focuses on the skills needed to support clinicians to manage this transition, and equip them with the skills they will need as they embark on a new step in their career. Transitioning from a clinical role to a more managerial position can often be challenging, issues around identity and purpose are often cited. Clinicians need to develop a wider range of skills, in order to grow in confidence and fulfill their potential as leaders.

Our delivery will have at the heart of it:

‘Partnership’ – We will build and develop a partnership with your organisation to enable us to fully meet your needs, and to embed your core values into the delivery.

‘Rhythm and pace’ – having a set of regular interventions paced through a diary at consistent intervals that allow people to get into the rhythm of real transformational change.

‘Buddy Up’ – Create strong working relationships within each cohort, empowering them with the basic coaching techniques to both support and challenge each other. Forming strong group cohesion through establishing key pairing/buddies who are able to add extra challenge and support between the formal interventions of the programme.

‘Set bold goals’ – from the off, we set an expectation of personal change and the idea of being brave in our actions, to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into our learning zones.

The five key modules will be delivered over a 5-month period to allow time to reflect, explore and embed learning.

Key Outcomes

  • Candidates will have the opportunity to explore ‘who they want to be’ leadership behaviours and development goals.
  • Development of financial leadership and challenges
  • Commercial business skills and awareness
  • Good practice in the field of HR and OD
  • Power and influencing skills